Health not only includes the functionality of our physical bodies, but also encompasses the well-being relating to our emotional, mental and spiritual Aspects.
SIYON Health + Vitality is dedicated to providing a customized, holistic program for each client that includes a variety of techniques and therapies to ensure that every client is empowered to live in their optimal health and achieve their highest quality of life possible by exploring the beautiful, loving energy within.

REIKI: Healing through homeostasis & relaxation

Every Aspect of your being is affected by the balance of the vital life energy (Ki/Chi/Prana) that flows through you: your physical health, your spiritual connection, your mental control and emotional well-being. Reiki and Chakra Balancing can bring you into a state of relaxation, peace and energetic harmony – while igniting your light within to heal and transform the Aspects of your being for improved health + vitality.


1150 Millard Street, Three Rivers, MI 49093

Tuesday: 11:00am – 8:00pm
Saturday: 10:00am – 5:00pm
Sunday: 10:00am – 5:00pm

Reiki: $65 for 60 min
Reiki + Experience: $75 for 75 min
Reiki for Empaths: $80 for 90 min
Reiki + Vitality Consulting: $80 for 105 min
Reiki for Couples: $90 for 90 min


While experiences vary from one client to another (and even from one session to another) the following benefits have been associated with Reiki:

Mental & Emotional

Improves clarity of thinking
Diminishes depression & anxiety
Improves mental focus
Improves emotional control
Creates overall peaceful feelings
Allows for emotional cleansing


Promotes relaxation
Releases stress & tension
Improves joint mobility
Reduces the side effects of cancer
Reduces metabolic syndrome
Restores parasympathetic nervous system
Stimulates the immune system
Encourages better sleep
Helps relieve pain
Activates the body’s healing process
Lowers blood pressure
Increases sexual arousal

Energetic & Spiritual*

Helps heal energetic trauma
Increases vitality & flow of vital energy
Balances & harmonizes chakras
Nurtures spiritual growth
Creates Aspect alignment

* Reiki is not tied to a religion and therefore any person of any faith can benefit from it.


Reiki is a hands-on healing modality and is usually performed on a massage table with the client fully dressed (minus shoes).

The space is energetically cleared and charged prior to each session; therapeutic lights and music are used during the session.

The session begins with a brief discussion and breathing instruction to induce a relaxed state and prepare the body to receive Reiki. (Some sessions like Reiki + Vitality Consulting or Reiki for Empaths provide more discussion time)

A variety of hand positions are used to connect with, unblock and move vital life energy through the energy meridians and chakras in the body.

The client and practitioner discuss the experience and how to maintain energetic balance.

Vitality Consulting: Finding the right vibe for your life

Are you always feeling ‘sick and tired’? If you continually find yourself unmotivated, stuck in unhealthy routines and perpetually tired, you deserve more from your life! Explore how your current lifestyle and potentially limiting beliefs may be draining your overall energy and vitality and learn how to incorporate a variety of methods and techniques to help focus your energy and begin fueling the fire within.


  • Low motivation to perform tasks or a feeling of being stagnant & bored

  • A lack of patience with emotional reactivity

  • Depression and/or anxiety

  • A feeling of disconnection & separateness

  • Body tension & physical symptoms of stress

  • A negative self-image and/or a lack of interest in caring for yourself

  • The sensation of being powerless to thoughts & emotions

  • Low physical energy, inability to sleep well & wake up rested

Start where you are.

SIYON is an acronym for “sitting in your ok-ness”, which means being able to be still within yourself and having the experiential knowledge that all that is – especially you – is perfect in this moment. When you start from this place of unconditional love and divine acceptance, all your efforts and attitudes will flow naturally and your journey will unfold before you … each step resonating with the joy that comes from being in harmony with your beautiful and unique vibration.

What is Reiki?

While various forms of healing energy work have been practiced for thousands of years, the formal treatment of Reiki was developed by Mikao Usui in the early 1900s. It combines the Japanese word rei, meaning “universal“,” and qi, meaning “vital life energy”. Today Reiki is used all over the world as a treatment in hospices, spas, and physical therapy centers because of its profound ability to heal through relaxation and balance.

Reiki is a complementary therapy that connects to the vital life energy that flows through the human body. This life energy creates an unseen force that animates you and creates the perception of health and vitality. When the life force is strong you are likely to feel better and look vibrant. You feel weaker and are more susceptible to illness when your life force is weak. Reiki aims to increase the force of life energy on the body by moving held energy and diminishing resistance to return to natural flow. The practice helps your body remember its homeostatic state of rest and relaxation, and it can bring a wide variety of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual benefits.

Please note: the video on this page is not mine. It provides a general overview of Reiki, but my practice is different from that depicted.


A 60-minute Reiki session offers the experience of in-person, hands-on energy healing for improved physical, mental and emotional well-being.  Heal heart wounds, release anxiety and old energy patterns, find your balance and harmony within.

This session is perfect for people without a lot of time – soft lights, tranquil music and minimal talking allow you to quickly shift into a calm, relaxed state perfect for letting go of anxiety and stress and reconnecting with your body.

New to Reiki? I suggest scheduling Reiki + Vitality Consulting for your first session to allow for time to discuss any medical issues and lifestyle habits or situations that may be affecting your overall health and vitality.

COST: $65 for a 60-minute session

Reiki + Vitality Consulting

This session offers a 60-minute Reiki session with an additional 45 minutes of Vitality Consulting, which allows you to experience in person, hands-on energy healing for improved physical, mental and emotional well-being as well as an in-depth discussion relating to your energy, nutrition, lifestyle, relationships, habits and more. Ideal for your first Reiki experience or to deepen your awareness of and connection to your life. Heal heart wounds, release anxiety and old energy patterns and step into your power.

COST: $80 for a 105-minute session

Reiki + Experience

During your Reiki + Experience session, you’ll receive 75-minutes of Reiki energy healing for improved physical, mental and emotional well-being including a guided Holy Fire(R) meditation which provides a more powerful experience and additional healing.

This session is perfect for those who want to stay in relaxation a little longer, have a deeper experience and strengthen their spiritual connection.

COST: $75 for a 75-minute session

Reiki for Couples

Share an energetic experience with a partner by scheduling a Reiki for Couples session!  Not only can this experience improve physical, mental and emotional well-being individually, but it can also help align you with your partner or loved one for better communication, acceptance and intimacy. Perfect for a date night/date day but can be for any 2 people of any gender or relation.

COST: $90 for a 90-minute session – divided into 2 back-to-back sessions

What does a Reiki session involve?

You will lay fully clothed on a comfortable therapy table, in a tranquil environment. We set the intention for your session, and I’ll give instructions on using your breath to enter into a more relaxed state and open to the Reiki energy. I’ll use a variety of Reiki techniques to connect with and interact with your energy system. After the session, we’ll take a few minutes to discuss how you feel and how to safely go forward in your day.

Chakra Balancing

The Aspects of our beings (physical, emotional, mental, spiritual) all rely on the balance and harmony of our chakra energy centers in order to promote the whole being free flow of vital life energy (Ki/Chi/Prana). During your session each chakra will be cleared and energized by the healing Reiki.

Sound & Light Therapy

Either sound or light can be used individually to help with the treatment of different physiological and psychological symptoms, but when combined together they become a powerhouse of potential healing energy – a non-invasive, holistic therapy that can have profound effects on your health including improving your mood and overall well-being.

Important Note: SIYON Health + Vitality offers Reiki Sessions for clients who are looking for alternative wellness practices to support the treatment of cancer, heart disease, anxiety, depression, chronic pain, infertility, neurodegenerative disorders, autism, Crohn’s disease and fatigue syndromes. Additionally, Reiki can offer a return-to-balance for your energy system, setting you in a more relaxed, focused state of mind for improved function and clarity as well as the overall healing ability of your body. If you suffer from any medical or psychological conditions or serious issues, please consult a physician. Energy Medicine and other SIYON services are not meant to be an alternative to a doctor’s care.