Natural Products

All DirtyGirl Vibe products are hand crafted with love and an attention to detail. As a DirtyGirl, I love natural scents – from bright and herbacious and citrusy to deep, piney and earthy-funky. I had been getting lots of compliments “oooh you smell SOOO good!” so I decided to share my unique, custom scents with y’all.

How Do I Purchase?

You can contact me through Facebook, Instagram or via email ( and let me know which products you’re interested in.

I provide free in person delivery, local porch delivery & porch pickup.

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Fragrance Elixers

DirtyGirl Vibe Fragrance Elixers are made with high quality essential oils and a fractionated coconut oil as a carrier oil dilution base (dilution is necessary to reduce the risk of skin reactions to some of the more potent oils – less than 30% carrier oil). I custom blended these elixers to create unique aromas that you WILL NOT FIND ANYWHERE ELSE. Each elixer contains top, mid and base notes that not only play off of each other, but they also open up and evolve the longer you wear them. ALWAYS SHAKE WELL BEFORE APPLYING.

OM Fragrance Elixer

Fresh and herby main notes that gently sink into earthy and piney secondary notes.
What’s the Vibe?
Like you’re on a spiritual meditation trek in a Northern California forest … you pause to take a deep, soul-stirring breath just as it starts to softly rain.

10ml Roller Bottle $12

ASTREA Fragrance Elixer

Main notes of bright, minty citrus that deepen into rich, smokey-leather secondary notes.
What’s the Vibe?
Like you’re drinking a cool mint julep, with the subtle aroma of leather horse saddles, damp soil and fresh grass wafting through the spring air.

10ml Roller Bottle $12

LUCID Fragrance Elixer

Strong earthy and pine main notes, with subtle sweet orange and floral secondary notes.
What’s the Vibe?
Like you’re Alice and you’ve just fallen asleep on a bed of soft fir needles and begin dreaming of drinking jasmine tea and eating orange petite fours in Wonderland.

10ml Roller Bottle $12

COSTA Fragrance Elixer

Clean and luminous citrus main notes, softly shifting into floral, herby secondary notes.
What’s the Vibe?
Like you’re 19 and carefree, on summer vacation in the Italian Riviera, day-drinking limoncello and eating pasta on the beach under a striped umbrella.

10ml Roller Bottle $12

YULE Fragrance Elixer

Main notes that are warm and spicy, nestled in musky, woodsy secondary notes.
What’s the Vibe?
Like you’re hiking through a Nordic woodland on a snowy December night, and are welcomed into a forest witch’s cottage for a mug of warm spiced rum.

10ml Roller Bottle $12

Fragrance Elixer SET

Not sure which elixer you’re going to like best? Now you don’t have to choose! I’m offering a sample set of all 5 Fragrance Elixers in smaller 5ml roller bottles. Great to keep in your bag or car, or give them away as gifts to the DirtyGirls in your life.
It’s all the Vibes.

(5) 5ml Roller Bottles $25

INGREDIETNS: Proprietary Essential Oil Blend, Fractionated Coconut Oil.

DIRECTIONS: For topical use only. Roll desired amount on skin. Avoid eyes & mucous membranes. For maximum effect, apply multiple days without showering.

CAUTION: Possible skin irritation. Always perform a small skin patch test. May contain photosensitive oils. Use caution with sun exposure. Keep out of reach of children.

Always shake well before applying. The oils in each blend have different densities and WILL separate. 

Allow for the fragrance elixer to BREATH – exposure to the air will “open” the frangrance up to be more complex and rounded. Oil on first application will smell different than in 10 minutes. You can also apply multiple layers to create even more complexity.

Salves, Balms & Butters

In addition to my Fragrance Elixers, I’ve also started formulating lipid and wax based products for skin and lips! I only use the highest quality ingredients and do my own herbal oil infusions. These products do NOT contain any fragrance, in order to keep them as simple and non-reactive as possible.

Calendula Salve - All Purpose

What started out as a lip balm quickly became a customer favorite for all kinds of skin issues. And as an active gardener I can attest to this salves ability to keep cuticles and hands soft and healthy.
INGREDIENTS: Calendual Oil (Fractionated Coconut Oil, Calendula Flowers), organic beeswax, shea butter, Vitamin E (as a preservative).

1oz Jar $10

Diffuser Oils

100% Essential Oil with NO carrier oil dilution. NOT FOR TOPICAL OR INTERNAL APPLICATION.
Add a few drops of these super strong blends to your oil diffuser and enjoy the lasting aroma all day long!

OM Diffuser Oil

Fresh and herby main notes that gently sink into earthy and piney secondary notes.
The Perfect Diffuser Oil!! 3 years ago when I started doing Reiki sessions, I wanted a nice, clean, airy diffuser oil that would not trigger anyone’s sensitivites. Everyone comments on how amazing my room smells and when people started asking if they could buy the blend, I knew it was a winner. Now you can have your home, office or classroom smell yummy too!
INGREDIENTS: 100% Proprietary Essential Oil Blend
DIRECTIONS: Add 1 dropper full per 1 cup of water in an appropriate diffuser.

1oz Dropper Bottle $15

2oz Dropper Bottle $25

Herbs & Tea Blends


I’ll be offering a variety of single herbs and tea/medicinal blends.
Prices will vary.


4 years ago I left a corporate marketing job that had me completely burned out and miserable to make a major lifestyle shift toward prioritizing my health and wellness.  I became a Reiki Master and started offering sessions full time, and after a year realized that summer was going to be a slow season for me so I started working as an Estate Gardener at Farrand Hall in Colon, Michigan and began a certificate program to become an Herbalist.

These days I’m all in on not only living my own natural, active lifestyle but also working at sharing what I’ve learned about energy healing and plant medicine with others.  Being able to offer natural, high-quality products is just another way to foster the amazing connection I feel with my clients, friends and family. Hopefully everyone enjoys the DirtyGirl products as much as I do!

~ Amy


If you are interested in purchasing one of my products, please either email me at or reach out on Facebook or Instagram to make payment and delivery arrangements.