Why I’m adding Herbalism to SIYON Health + Vitality

In life, it is natural to want to learn and progress in our experiences in order to understand the world we live in more fully. Structured education allows us to see a wider perspective of the truth – verses self directed education that can often time just affirm what we already think and believe because we filter out what doesn’t match. Opening to learning something new will open opportunities for balance and health!

Staying Focused on the Goal

When I started SIYON 2 years ago, I had the same goal that I still have today: to find effective methods for creating self-efficacy in order to improve quality of life and increased Vitality for my clients. Self-efficacy is an important component of this equation, because it is based on a person’s BELIEFS which are the foundation for all behaviors. Changing a belief changes your habits, those habits become a new behavior, that new behavior creates a different energetic lifestyle – and the goal is to create an energetic lifestyle where clients have the energy, motivation and focus necessary to move forward and be productive in their lives while enjoying the comforting sense of peace and stillness at their core. This is energetic Flow, or perfect balance where there is no resistance to what is unfolding … the apex of Vitality.

Herbalism fits perfectly into this goal by offering a different type of modality to clients to help their wellness related self-efficacy. A majority of my 200+ clients came to me for Reiki in order to help a medical condition that they were either unwilling to take a medication for or the medications they were taking were not effectively helping their condition. What we call Modern Medicine was not providing the answers they were desperately seeking. And while Reiki can be an incredible tool for helping the body heal, it has its limitations when it comes to chemically contributing to bringing the body back into balance.

How are Reiki Energy Medicine + Herbalism Linked?

All living things have Vitality, also known as Prana, Chi, Life-Force energy, or Flow of Consciousness. And while Vitality is a beautiful, mystical experience we all share, our experience of it is subjectively individual due to the limitation we create through our “humanness”. Make no mistake – there is a perfection at the core of our Being: Pure Consciousness. But our ability to experience the purity of Consciousness is blurred by the energetic patterns that we hold on to, the personalities we develop and then identify ourselves as. Our Vitality is not altered – only our perceptive experience of it is. Which means we can always get back to experiencing it fully and completely!

Reiki Energy sessions can help clients let go of held energetic patterns (traumas) and create space for healing and improved health. FIRST COMES SPACE! This is at the core of all change: creating emptiness or opportunity for something new and different to happen. You can’t fit anything new into something already full of old. Reiki provides an environment of safety, security and peacefulness that tells the body that it’s time to do the process of healing.

Likewise, Herbalism offers the opportunity for healing by way of balancing the physical energetics within the body: when a body is out of balance and not running perfectly, herbs can help create chemical signals in the body to help it get back into balance. From this place of balance, the body can heal.

Think of Reiki as the field in which Vitality can bloom and Herbalism is the balancing of sun and rain.