Knowing and nurturing your personal Vitality is the most empowering behavior you can develop. Explore how your current lifestyle and potentially limiting beliefs may be draining your overall energy and Vitality so you can begin fueling the fire within.

What is Vitality?

Simply defined, Vitality is a potentiality state for the flow or movement of energy – not just the flow of physical energy, but non-physical as well. It has no qualities itself because it is pure potential and thus connected to the Divine. Sometimes Vitality is described AS a type of energy, however, it is actually the non-dimensional space or ‘channel’ that energy can travels through.

To have Vitality means to have the potential capacity for physical, biochemical energy as well as non-physical vital life energy (Ki/Chi/Prana) to exist in connection with – and to animate – an organic ‘thing’. Humans, animals and plants all have the potential capacity for Vitality, or to be alive. Vitality is quantitative or having a quantity of potential so the more Vitality something has, the higher the capacity for the flow of energy (a wider ‘channel’).

We are easily able to perceive the Vitality in something – when it is high, we are able to see the “healthy glow” or “powerful aura” of the flowing energies through and around something, and we are naturally drawn to it. In fact, we are programmed to be attracted to higher Vitality for procreation since it is associated with thriving and prospering. Low Vitality presents itself as illness, dis-ease and dullness, or a general aura of sickness and low, stagnant energy.

Potential Benefits of Vitality Consulting

Improved Physical Energy Levels

Improved Sense of Calm & Peace

Clarity of Thoughts & Improved Creativity

Increase in Feelings of Personal Empowerment

More Joyful & Mindful Living

Decreases in Anxiety & Depression

Improved Sleep

Desire to Focus on Overall Health

Whole Being Balance & Harmony

Improved Motivation & Focus

Stability in Emotional Responses

Increased Intuition & Spiritual Sensitivity

Aligning the Aspects

Every Human Being has 4 Aspects that affect our Vitality: the mental (or intellectual), the emotional, the physical, and the spiritual. Not only is the individual balance of these Aspects essential for health and wellness, but their alignment or harmony with each other will also have an incredible impact on a being’s Vitality and our ability to experience Samadhi, or Flow.

When the Aspects are balanced and aligned, a powerful channel (your Vitality) is completely opened. This channel is where the force of your vital life energy (Ki/Chi/Prana) moves or flows – it is the pathway for energy to potentially travel. It’s important to say here that the energy is always there – you don’t have to “increase” your vital life force to have more Vitality. Increasing your Vitality is creating a more robust space for the energy to move – it’s the MOVEMENT of energy that leads to our health, happiness and wellbeing. Aligning the Aspects in effect creates the environment or space for energy to move and change, which is what creates an overall improved and beneficial state of Being.

The Importance of Developing Vitality Enhancing Behaviors

When it comes to our bodies, our health and our wellbeing, we have a tendency to focus on ways to “cheat the system” so that we can get the benefits of a change without going through the process of developing the behaviors that are necessary for sustaining that change. Advertising is full of “quick fixes”, “time saving tricks”, superficial surgical procedures or expensive products for people to feel like they’re physically getting what they want – when in reality, spending time going through the process of moving from a place of imbalance to balance is what actually puts us INTO the state we are trying to achieve in a very real and sustainable way.

Working toward enhancing your Vitality will include making changes to the beliefs and behaviors that have been focusing your awareness on the superficial result instead of subtle facets of your lifestyle; moving away from how your health is perceived by others and into how is it experienced by you. The process is important because the change in your thinking and your habits is what you’re really looking for – even if you don’t know it yet – because it allows you to let go of the struggle and come into the homeostatic State of Flow.

The State of Flow

If there’s one succinct goal for doing all the work necessary to enhance your Vitality, it’s so that you can experience/live in Flow State (also known as Samadhi). Flow State is the “optimal state of consciousness where we feel our best and perform our best” which is describing the awareness of when your Vitality is high and you’re energetically “firing on all cylinders”. In relation to the Aspects, mental Flow State is when you’re able to effortlessly focus your mind without tension, physical Flow State is when your body is efficiently running all processes without dis-ease, emotional Flow State is when you’re able to experience a full range of emotions without trying to hold on or push away, spiritual Flow State is when you’re able to experientially KNOW your Divinity through Being, and energetic Flow State is when your energy centers and pathways are all open and awareness is not being held by any imbalances. Flow State IS the state of energy flowing through the complete potential of your Vitality. If there is anything off with one of your Aspects, your awareness will always be pulled to it, your Vitality decreases, and you cannot experience the Flow State.

Most people have had at least a few short moments in the ecstasy of Flow State in their lives but have no idea what it was or that they have the ability to get it back! It is power without force, feeling weightless but knowing your physical existence, having the past, present and future all manifest together, being nothing and everything simultaneously. Throughout history, most of the people we’ve considered geniuses have described entering long, altered states of Being where information just seems to come to them without thought – that is Flow State. It is the most magical place you’ll ever go, and how you get there is by working the balance of the Aspects to increase your Vitality and creating the space for flow to happen.

What does a typical Vitality Consulting discussion include?

I will discuss with you your eating habits, sleep patterns, stressors, physical activity levels, soothing behaviors, self-care practices, and how you currently foster a spiritual connection. We may also discuss negative self-talk, motivational struggles and other issues that are decreasing your vitality. All discussions happen in a safe space and are private between us.

I LOVE & APPRECIATE every one of my clients!

However, I need to set some boundaries regarding cancellations, late shows and no shows in order to keep my business focused on healing and moving forward. I understand that these policies may deter some people from scheduling a session with me and while I feel that’s very unfortunate, I think it’s important to remember that the goal of boundaries is to create the healthiest environment possible where everyone feels safe and respected (including me).

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